My approach

Providing technical translations from Italian into English at competitive prices, working to make life easier for customers and project managers, is my goal.

Punctuality and reliability are two essential and indispensable qualities that my customers particularly appreciate.

I have been using CAT (Computer Assisted Translation) tools (currently SDL Trados Studio 2019) for many years. This has allowed me to build large translation memories that are essential for keep terminology uniform even after a long time.

I am very proud of the glossaries I have put together over the years. They are customer- and/or topic-specific and are the result of research, reading, analysis of project reference material and specific feedback. To ensure the long-term portability of the files and their contents, I collect the terms in a txt file with a very simple structure: Italian term, TAB, English term. I save all the glossaries in a folder that I can easily search with a specific program. In this way, technical evolutions are not a problem and creating glossaries with specific programs for terminology management (such as Multiterm) or sorting tables to share requires just a few clicks.

I have worked hard to create a paperless office to be environmentally friendly and allow seamless transfers between Italy and Yemen.

Professional ethics and confidentiality are important values for me. For this reason, I have chosen not to do translations on military matters and I am not naming my customers here.